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Canberra Backpackers

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When backpacking throughout Australia you must always include Canberra as one of your stops in your itinerary. You will not be disappointed when you come to the Nation’s capital as you will have an array of options in Canberra accommodation to choose from whether you are looking for the perfect dining experience, the best sightseeing opportunity, fantastic attractions, excellent entertainment and not to mention the best affordable backpacker and hostel accommodation you will ever find. Canberra's backpackers will be completely satisfied and glad that they visited this wonderful city!

Canberra is the capital of Australia, designed in a competition in the early 1900's, there are many Canberra attractions, and places to visit in Canberra. The ACT is a small area of land within New South Wales. It is diplomatically situated almost halfway between Melbourne and Sydney. The City of Canberra is well planned and landscaped.

Canberra has many things to see and do, being the capital of Australia there are many museums, galleries and Canberra attractions to be explored. The National Gallery of Australia has the countries largest collection of Australian art. Historical buildings are a popular sightseeing activity with tours through old and new parliament house, the Australian War Memorial is a popular tourist destination and is one of the best rated war memorials in the world. Telstra Tower has great views of Canberra being 195 metres tall and then being situated on top of a mountain it offers great birds eye views of Canberra, the tower has an exhibition with information on the history of communications in Australia. The Australian Institute of Sport has tours and a museum where you can test your fitness level. If you are into space and astronomy the Deep Space Communications Complex has many displays to enjoy. Canberra has many museums and places to go that are very interesting and informative. Or perhaps you would enjoy a burst of speed with go karting, or a nice relaxing ride in a hot air balloon over Canberra, the place to be in the ACT.

Canberra is a few hours drive to the Snowy Mountains where you can hit up the slopes and do a bit of skiing or snowboarding in the winter time, the season is usually from around the end of June through to September. There are several bus companies that run daily services to the mountains from Canberra. Cinemas can be found in several locations around the city and Canberra also has a casino and Canberra theatres host live performances, dramas and musicals.

Buses are available to move around Canberra as the city is rather spread out it and it can be quite far to walk to the tourist destinations. But with the bus services being very speedy it is the best way to see the city. There are also a large variety of Canberra restaurants with many international cuisines available, so you can take your pick from cafés, lounges, bars and restaurants where you will be able to find exactly what you are after to subdued your hunger.

So come and see what makes up this exciting, bustling city and enjoy all that it has to offer! Canberra backpackers will be well looked after and will never want to leave. Jump on the phone right now to speak with any one of our friendly staff members who are always willing to help you plan the next leg of your trip to Canberra.