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Katoomba Accommodation

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Katoomba is one of the main tourist spots where you can base yourself with some superb accommodation in the Blue Mountains. There are so many amazing attractions that people come from all around to see at Katoomba, including the beautiful National Parks, the Three Sisters, the Skyway and the Scenic Railway just to name a few.

It is the most visited town in the Blue Mountains; therefore you can find an array of accommodation choices that will suite all types, styles and budget needs for any holiday. You can choose from hotels, motels, apartments, resorts, B&B’s, guest houses and beautiful holiday homes for something unique.

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There is an abundance of activities from hiking, abseiling, nature walks, bird watching, mountain bike riding, hang gliding, canyoning, horse riding, four wheel driving and fishing that is sure to have everyone interested and having a great time.

From the many shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants, Katoomba is a great place to call home for your next holiday to this wonderland in the Blue Mountains. You will have an experience filled with adventure, excitement, luxury and peacefulness that it will be a getaway that you will remember forever!

No matter what age you are, there is bound to be something that will excite you and reawaken your senses! From kicking back and soaking up the serenity to getting involved in the variety of attractions and activities, come and enjoy this heaven on earth.

Located just one and half hours from Sydney you can choose to come by car, bus or train to the Blue Mountains. There are regular bus and train services that do direct routes from many of the bus stops within the city of Sydney to the Central Station Railway in the Blue Mountains. But you can also opt to take the scenic route and self drive, with the roads providing some of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever lay your eyes on.

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There are some amazing accommodation properties that you can book into, but three of the best that stand out above all would have to be the Fairmont Resort, the Leisure Inn Spires and the Peppers Twin Creeks Resort located at Luddenham just outside of Sydney. All three of these luxury resorts will give you the perfect place to call home for your holiday to the Blue Mountains.

You can literally have everything you need for your getaway to this captivating area, and from the moment you arrive you will never want to leave! From the commanding views that surround you, to the cascading waterfalls that entice you to the picturesque National Parks that invite you to explore, you will be amazed at the natural beauty that is the famous Blue Mountains.

So call us today to arrange your accommodation for your holiday to the beautiful Blue Mountains, and let our staff members make all of the arrangements for you so you will not have a thing to worry about.