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Port Stephens Real Estate

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Port Stephens has a population of about 60,000 and is fast becoming a place where many people from Sydney are choosing to move to so they can by affordable real estate.

Port Stephens is a beautiful waterway sixty kilometres north of Newcastle and it has many unspoiled beaches, bays and lots of bushland and National Parks. It is made up with a mixture of small towns and villages such as Nelson Bay, Anna Bay, Shoal Bay, Salamandra, Bay, Lemon Tree Passage, Mallabula, Salt Ash, Soliders Point, Stockton Beach and Tanilba that is very much like Jervis Bay but more densely populated.

Nelson Bay is the largest town and commercial centre with some medium rise apartment blocks. The population of Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay was 8,000 at the 2001 Census. There are many quieter villages for retirees sprinkled throughout the area with the main areas being Corlette and Salamander Bay which has around 5,000 retirees. Lemon Tree Passage also as approximately 5,500 retirees with the other villages supporting around 1,500 within them.

In terms of proportions of over sixties, all these locations fall in the top 200 Australia wide. The housing is mostly modest although Corlette has some better quality homes that are for sale or for rent. Most of the housing is grouped into tight suburban areas with the villages separated by bush reserves.

House prices at $150,000 or less in 1997 have risen steadily to a median price of $345,000 in December 2007. Some suburbs achieved stronger than average growth with houses located at Soldiers Point having an increased average of 11% a year, from $325,000 in 2002 to $545,000 in 2007.

Unit prices increased between the months of 2001 to 2003, with the median unit price sitting at around $225,000 and gradually increasing to an average of $313,500. And then in 2005 priced peaked but then slowly declined to the more recent prices for a unit costing around $300,000.

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