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Terrigal Real Estate

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A pleasant 1 hour drive north from the city of Sydney and a 45 minute drive south from the city of Newcastle and only 12km from Gosford it is not hard to see why the real estate market for Terrigal is quickly on the rise. The current population sits at around 8,000 and enjoys around an average maximum temperature of 22.8 Celsius.

The median house price as at March 2007 was $1,050,000 in Avoca, $1,100,000 at Macmasters Beach and $545,000 at Forresters Beach and $425,000 in Terrigal although there is scarcely a house on the market in Terrigal under the so-called median price. Terrigal houses with good ocean views are mostly over a million dollars. Apartments range from under the million mark to well over, such as The Star of the Sea Apartments which are for sale at over $2,000,000. At Avoca Beach or North Avoca you will be lucky to find a home for $400,000 even without a view, although the occasional one does exist. Homes in Cliff Avenue (referred to as ‘millionaire’s row’) are selling from $2,400,000.

So if you want to secure your piece of real estate in the paradise of Terrigal, you should act on it now before it is too late.