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Thredbo Getting There

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Getting to Thredbo is easy with every means of transportation being able to be arranged so that you can start your holiday as soon as possible. The resort village is open all year round, with tourists from across the globe making their way to Thredbo to experience the many highlights and sights that have put this number one holiday destination on the map! You can travel in style, on the cheap, self drive or let someone else do all of the driving for you while you kick back and relax.

Located in the heart of the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Thredbo is a popular summer spot to explore the alps and winter wonderland that draws in thousands of visitors each year. With just over two and a half hours from Canberra and six hours from Sydney many people opt for the self drive option, not only because it is more than affordable but you also get to enjoy the sights along the way, the stunning vistas and stop off where ever you want to.

You can drive your own car or arrange or rental car for your trip with any one of the reputable car hire companies that operate throughout Australia but one thing to always remember is that if you are visiting Thredbo during the winter time snow chains may have to be fitted to your car, especially for two wheel drive vehicles. If you don’t already have your own you can hire them from a number of spots in both Jindabyne and Khancoban. For most of the year the roads are clear, expect for when there is heavy snow fall but with regular ploughing it will always be safe to drive. Whether you are travelling from Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne the roads are well signed all the way through the Kosciusko National Park to get you to Jindabyne and from here it is just another 20 minutes up the road.

There is also the option to fly to Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne where a hire car can be waiting for when you when you depart the terminal or perhaps you would much prefer to book a seat on one of the coach buses that make regular trips to Thredbo from the major surrounding cities. Aeropelican also runs daily flights between Sydney to the Snowy Mountains Airport where a shuttle bus will be waiting to take you directly to the Thredbo village for check in into your chosen place of holiday accommodation. There are regular daily shuttles running to and from Jindabyne to Thredbo as well as popular Skitube that you can take to the Thredbo village centre.

For those of you who need to transport a number of people you can arrange a mini bus and if you wish to travel in style there is the option to have a limousine take you straight to Thredbo. Whether you want to arrive quickly and begin your Thredbo holiday as soon as possible or if you wish to enjoy the attractions along the way with your own self driving experience, there are many ways you can choose that will get you to Thredbo. Flying, driving, coaches, private transfers or shuttle buses can all be arrange so that getting you there is easy.

Enquire about which means of transportation suits you the best and start packing your bags for a holiday at Thredbo. Getting there is easy and once you arrive you will discover a whole other world just waiting to be explored!