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Ulladulla Real Estate

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There are many pros and cons to the real estate market for the Ulladulla region but you can’t go past the fact that you can your own slice of tranquillity for a fraction of the price that you may pay elsewhere.

Some of the cons for Ulladulla would definitely have to be the strong house prices beyond the average as well as a wide selection of land, units or houses that are currently on the market. The town is a picturesque setting which adds to pros for the region and there are is quickly becoming a hot spot for developers to bring in new businesses and construction.

Ulladulla is a large town also on the coast with pleasant walks around the lighthouse and adjacent cliffs. Most of the streets in Mollymook and Ulladulla have fairly plain housing. The highway runs right through Ulladulla’s main shopping centre and resembles Sydney’s busy Parramatta Road as the semis plough through slowed down somewhat at the top of the hill by the roundabout. There is a substantial and protected boat harbour next to the highway.

In Ulladulla and surrounding areas, the median house price as at the end of March 2007 was around $350,000 and the median home unit price $290,000. Both figures are ahead of regional averages. Although you are likely to pay more than this for a quality home. A four bedroom, two bathroom home with water views in Ulladulla sells from $600,000 and some are asking up to $900,000. At Mollymook a house with good views could command $1,000,000. The median price for a house in Mollymook and Lake Conjola was probably over $350,000 and at Mollymook Beach around $370,000. A two bed apartment with views through trees overlooking Mollymook Beach was asking around $430,000 in mid 2007. There are blocks of land with views still available in all areas. There are some more isolated communities nearby such as Bawley Point and Manyana which offer cheaper blocks and might suit people who want to get away from the crowded ‘suburbs’ of Mollymook and Ulladulla.

Ulladulla is still very much a Sydney driven market but it has settled down from the boom. Ulladulla's CBD and harbour foreshore is set for large scale future development. Millions of dollars worth of development is in the pipeline including a proposed marina and 4-6 storey height code for the CBD. It is all due to the influx of sea-changer's to the area! This general trend of the Baby Boomer generation moving to the coast proves that Ulladulla is on the verge of huge capital growth. Whilst all of this development takes place the natural beauty and pristine beaches in the surrounding area will still remain untouched.

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