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Wollongong Weather

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Wollongong experiences mild sunny coastal weather with average maximum temperatures varying from 17 °C in winter to 26 °C in summer tempered by sea breezes. The highest recorded temperature is 44.1 °C in January and the lowest 0.8 °C in July. Hot summer evenings are sometimes relieved by a front of rapidly moving cool air known as a southerly buster.

Rainfall is fairly evenly distributed throughout the seasons, but during the first half of the year it can be fairly scarce when it comes to the wet. Wollongong also experiences thunderstorms during the warmer months bringing lightning, heavy rain and occasionally hail. Summers in Wollongong and Sydney are hot and can be humid and winters are generally mild but bring plenty of warm clothing if you are coming here in July.

New South Wales lies in the temperate zone and the climate is generally free from extremes of heat and cold. The greatest heat is usually experienced in the North West and out back regions of NSW. The coldest region is the Snowy Mountains, where winter frosts and snow are experienced over long periods. Rainfall varies widely over the state, gradually diminishing to an annual average of 180 mm in the far north west. The climate along the coast is temperate and slightly humid in NSW and the temperatures get cooler the further south you travel along the coast.

Wollongong's location, climate and lifestyle provide for many amazing recreational opportunities. Visitors to the region can spend their time fishing, sailing, scuba diving, swimming, mountain climbing, hang gliding, cycling, taking in the arts, shopping – and more! Whatever your recreational preference, Wollongong has something to offer.

All year round there are productions in the performing arts centres around the region or you could visit the Wollongong City Gallery, Articles Fine Art Gallery, the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music or the Illawarra Museum. For sport enthusiast’s basketball games at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre, soccer and many other sporting activities to watch or partake in. Cultural spots include the Nan Tien Temple or the Hindu temple at Helensburgh.

The Princes Highway runs along the coast from Sydney through Wollongong to the Victorian border. Although a longer and slower route to Melbourne than the Hume Highway, it's much more interesting and it allows the traveller to visit the wonders the south coast has to offer.

If you want a destination that offers some fantastic weather for your next holiday then Wollongong is the place for you. So jump on the phone and speak with one of our staff members about making some arrangements for your holiday getaway.