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There’s plenty for you and your kids to do in Armidale. It is fun to get Armidale accommodation for a week-long holiday, or even a quick weekend getaway. There are nearby places you can go and play around. When you have children with you, however, you might be left trying to think of places they’ll consider interesting and enjoyable. We’ve addressed that with this list of events that will benefit the children-and the children at heart!

At nature-friendly spots Armidale is not short. The Armidale Bicentennial Arboretum is in fact just a 7-minute drive from Club Motel Armidale. The arboretum is a listed heritage park surrounded by Kentucky, Butler and Galloway streets. Children can enjoy the area, which has plenty of native plants, along with walking paths, picnic areas and aquatic gardens.

Even, if you have the luxury of time, you can visit the National Park of Cathedral Rock-it is worth a one hour drive from your Armidale hotel! This park is perfect for children loving to walk, camp, and birdwatch. You can also do some climbing and hiking to get a more scenic view of the surrounding area. Rock-hopping at Cathedral Rock National Park isn’t there for the wallaroos. Talk to Woolpack Rocks and Cathedral Rock ‘s largest boulder piles in the park, and climb to their summits. Then enjoy the breathtaking views of dry eucalyptus forest and granite outcrops through the desert landscape. In late-afternoon light or mist the rock formations of the park are especially photogenic.

Oxley Wild Rivers, National Park, is another eco-park close to Armidale. Take a fun walk with the children and try fishing while surrounded by a beautiful rainforest and waterfalls! Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, part of Australia World Heritage Areas Gondwana Rainforests, features rare dry rainforest, dramatic gorges and waterfalls, extensive wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers, and an incredible array of wildlife. Visit the Apsley Macleay Gorges, one of Australia’s largest gorge systems with breathtaking ridge top views, and visit Wollombi, New South Wales ‘s highest waterfall, and a spot sure to raise your mind. East Kunderang Homestead is sure to please those looking for heritage accommodation which is slightly more comfortable.

New England Bike Tours is located at 5/85 Marsh Lane, just a few steps from your accommodation in Club Motel Armidale. They have guided bike tours around the area.

You can get adventurous with them and hit the trails in the mountain bike parks, or you can settle for a low-impact ride around the city – it all depends on you! Different locations can also be suggested and they can customize the ride. If you feel like you can do cycling with your family on your own, you can just rent the bikes from them and go along at your own pace.

You’ll never regret your stay at Armidale because the site is surrounded by waterfalls, most are within a 30-minute to 1-hour drive by car. Both children and adults fascinated by nature, particularly water bodies, will fully appreciate the breathtaking view of the falls. The Wollombi Falls, Ebor Falls, and the Waterfall Way are others you might visit. Picnic and camping areas also feature in these spots.

If you think your children are going to have fun learning new things through art and history, the museum is the perfect place to go! This is one of the main local attractions in the area. The Armidale Folk Museum, run by the Armidale Dumaresq Council, traces its history back to 1933. This is located in the majestic Armidale Literary Institute of 1863, and follows this New England city’s history. Permanent displays offer a look into how the community was settled in the 1840s and how it developed into a flourishing farming area and educational provider. A evolving schedule with different exhibits and activities telling the stories that are important to the community.

The famous New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM), is another museum that kids will adore. This museum is a gateway to over 4,500 masterpieces and works of art. It also holds two of Australia’s most important art collections-the Howard Hinton Collection and the Chandler Coventry Collection.

NERAM is known for conducting educational programs and events as an active participant in preserving the national art and history. They also organize workshops, family fun days, fundraising events and other leisure activities.

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