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The real estate market for the seaside town of Batemans Bay is not what it used to be! Around 20 years ago you could easily pick up a prime piece of real estate for next to nothing but today you can expect to pay a great deal of money for the same kind of land.

Located 279 km south of Sydney via the Princes Highway, Batemans Bay, at the mouth of the Clyde River, is both a tourist and retirement resort and a service and commercial centre for the local sawmilling, wattle bark production, dairying, cattle-rearing, agriculture, fishing and oyster-farming industries.

There are a huge number of advantages living and working in Batemans Bay. The lifestyle is consistent with country living in a recreational coastal environment and the physical environment is a major attraction, offering the diversity of beaches, waterways, mountains, forest walks and camping grounds. The climate is mild and it offers relief from the climatic extremes experienced on the tablelands, in Victoria, Northern NSW and Queensland.

Also, the working environment has proven to be a stable and non-unionised labor force. The expectations in salary and job prospects are realistic and people enjoy that personal country way of relating between employer and employee, lifestyle is what it is all about, when you choose to live in Batemans Bay.

The population growth for the Batemans Bay area from Maloney’s Beach North to Broulee in the South, in 1998 is 13,881. Prediction for growth in the 2025 is that the population will increase to 50,000. Whether you’re looking for that perfect place to retire, invest, or just a great holiday getaway, Batemans Bay will offer its hidden treasures to you, your family and friends.

In Batemans Bay the median house price as at the beginning of 2007 was around $260,000, pretty much in line with the regional average and for units $270,000. In Batemans Bay you should be able to pick up a nice house in good condition for around $400,000 or even less, and there are a fair number to choose from at any given time. In Bermagui, Dalmeny and Moruya the median house prices were around $310,000.

Visitors, whether intrastate, interstate or from overseas always find the area breathtaking with Natural Beauty. Boasting untouched nature, coastlines, estuaries, mountains and bushland with events like major off-shore fishing tournaments, wine & food festivals, stunning & novel Art Galleries, World Class Golf Tournaments, horse riding, botanical gardens & rain forests, whales, dolphin & fairy penguin migrations, new & exciting shopping centres, airports, craft festivals, bushwalking, and always friendly, happy locals. It is also regarded as a world class destination, escape area & tranquillity to the mind.

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