Canberra Holidays With Kids

Canberra, Australia’s national capital, is packed to the brim with fun things to do with children. Canberra can be the birthplace of Australian diplomacy, diplomatic negotiations, and an infinite supply of embassies. The trendy capital is host to a family-friendly treasure chest, as well.

Canberra is the most family-friendly destination for getaways. Experience the variety of attractions in the national capital with programs and events expressly tailored for the children – and they’re all so easy to find. And get involved outdoors at any number of parks, playgrounds, bike paths, and trails and nature reserves in Canberra.

They have fantastic cinemas, beaches, mini-golf, rock-climbing, cycling, tobogganing, malls, space exploration, exciting activities, snakes, mini-buildings, tours, and the best sports facilities in Australia. You may find it hard to fit it all in, so call a family reunion to build your bucket list for Canberra getaway.

The National Center for Science and Technology has interactive displays allowing tourists to explore, see, and learn about the role of science in daily life. Lots of fun are also thrown in! You can feel an earthquake, get close to a lightning bolt, or free-fall down a vertical slide six meters. You will do all of this at Questacon, and see lively ever-changing exhibits.

Check out the fun workshops that the Technology Learning Center of the Ian Potter Foundation has to give during the school holidays. Make an early reservation, so you don’t miss the chance of unleashing your child’s inner inventor.

Make sure your first stop is at the National Dinosaur Museum in Gold Creek. The museum holds the most extensive permanent collection of fossils and extinct animals in Australia. It’s more than worth a visit with over 25 full skeletons and fleshed-out models, and hundreds of individual pieces. Two new murals have been completed in the last year alone, each of them nearly 50 feet long and featuring extinct creatures of life-size.

To any family visiting Canberra, a visit to the National Zoo and Aquarium is also a must. Situated only five minutes from the city center, it is one of Australia’s largest private zoos. It is the only place you will see exotic and native animals, along with sharks and dolphins. Australia’s only tigons are a hybrid between a tiger and a lion. The entire family can book an unforgettable Zooventure Tour, a series of exciting up-close animal experiences.

A unique experience for children under the age of ten means that young kids spend some time with adults and then encounter some of the zoo’s ‘cuddlier’ animals. The animals are kept in vast open areas at the National Zoo and Aquarium. Observation over moats or low-level fences usually so that even pint-sized visitors can get a clear view.

Travel over to the Australian National Museum on Acton Peninsula. At KSpace, the fun starts for a trip to the past. Using a touchscreen, kids can build their own time-traveling robot, then blast off to explore a mystery location in Australia’s history.

Another highlight is Our Spot, an exploration show for children to play in, with four separate cubbies. Story Place is yet another famous children’s attraction. The kids will enjoy the animation, puppets, videos, and activities related to the museum’s exhibits set inside a Boab Tree. The museum also has an impressive variety of programs and events planned, especially for children during school holidays.

Back to town and return to Old Parliament House, politics and culture are not just for adults. This majestic heritage house, home of the Federal Parliament from 1927 to 1988, offers exhibits, tours, and events that bring our history to life and fun-filled activities for children.

Look at the National Portrait Gallery to the people in the face that have influenced Australia economically, historically, and socially. The Gallery’s exhibitions will attract young artists and photographers of all ages, showcasing famous and not-famous faces from across history to the present day. The Gallery runs several child- and family-friendly programs, as well as spending the day with celebrities like Paul Kelly and Elvis. There is free general admission to the gallery, along with some of the entertainment events.

The CSIRO Discovery Center, in young minds, offers the best way to demystify scientific concepts. Our goal is to show real science in an exciting and educational atmosphere. You can see scientists working in proper labs here-but it’s undoubtedly not just behind white glass coats.

In the hands-on DiscoverLab, children can play for themselves and learn new things in the OptIPortal theater and 3D@Discovery experiences. They will gain insight into topics such as renewable energy, climate change, biodiversity, and gene diversity. This will be all in a way that they can fully appreciate.

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