Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Thredbo is the most renowned ski area in Australia’s Snowy Mountains. Thredbo’s height and location make it perfect for heaps of natural snow and great skiing and snowboarding. The elevation means the snow starts earlier and stays longer. But like all ski resorts we are at the mercy of the elements and to compensate, Thredbo have invested heavily in a large snowmaking system, making the trip to the resort a safe bet even in the most marginal of seasons. So even if there hasn’t been much snow fall you are always guaranteed of a great day in the snow.

There are so many different ski slopes to chose from starting from beginner slopes for either kids or if you are just starting out right up to the advanced slopes. There are fourteen different lifts that you can jump on to either enjoy the breathtaking views that are on offer for everyone or to take you to the top so you can navigate your own way down the mountain side.

For first timers head straight to Friday Flat which is Thredbo’s purpose built beginners area. It has a good pitch so you can get a move along, but it is still gentle enough that those first timer tumblers are all part of the fun to be had on the slopes.

As for intermediates, because by now you have the hang of linking turns, it is time to get into the 67% of Thredbo’s terrain that’s dedicated just for you.

But if you are looking for something really advance then you just have to check out Thredbo’s off piste areas which are up there with the best snow slopes in the southern hemisphere.

If you are looking for some lesions on how to ski you should check out the Thredbo Snow Sports team. Thredbo Snow Sports offers group and private lessons for all ages and stages, a range of special and all day programs and even a learn to ski or board guarantee.


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The annual Thredbo Top to Bottom for both boarders and skiers provides some amazing scenes with it Le Mans style start. There are great prizes to be won such as trips to the US, so if you think you can beat some of the best get to Thredbo for the big race.

If you are coming to Thredbo skiing or snowboarding, you will also need some great Thredbo accommodation.

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