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There are many tours and rental option that you can choose from for you to explore the Ulladulla region in style and luxury. Whether you are looking for something either out on the water or on land there is sure to be the perfect tour just right for you.

Many dive operators run daily charters out to some fantastic sites in which you can explore until your heart if content. Dive down and discover an amazing new world full of colourful fish, coral and under water species that are just waiting for you to discover. The tour operators offer all the equipment that you will for a great day under the water!


Along with the many attractions that lie beneath the water level you can also embark on some fantastic fishing charters for either deep sea, game or some reef fishing within these waters. There are some tremendous catches to reel in and the whole family or gang will have a great day doing so! Everything is supplied from bait, tackle, rods and reels so don’t worry if you don’t have any of your own gear!

The neighbouring lakes provide some excellent fishing as well and if you don’t have your own vessel you may like to come on board on of the boats that travel these waters to do some fishing for yourself.

You may also like to join a snorkelling trip where you can skim around on top of the crystal blue waters and view what lies beneath you. People of all ages can enjoy this trip, and explore the wonderful underwater world for themselves.

Back on dry land there are nature walk tours through the beautiful National Parks, hiking and bush walking treks that you can set out on! And not to mention the fun filled adventure to be had either on the back of a horse or riding around on a Harley through the country side.

Maybe you are looking to really jump start the heart so why not book yourself onto a ghost tour through nearby Milton or perhaps a historic walk during the day to discover the many hidden secrets and treasures that can be found in this interesting town.

You can also embark on whale watching tours, kayaking tours, trail bike riding tours or even a dolphin watching cruise from the nearby town of Batemans Bay. There are many fantastic tours and rental options in which you can enjoy while you are holidaying in Ulladulla.

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