A Guide to Dubai’s Best Photography Locations

Dubai Views Guide: Exploring Locations for Amazing Photography

I know this page is about NSW but we are currently travelling around Dubai and Europe so I couldn’t help but to add some photos and information about Dubai and it’s beautiful attractions. The city is just full of beautiful buildings and tourist attractions so I had to write a list of some of the best spots to stop and take a photo. I hope you enjoy!

Photographers all over the world try to find the best locations and take their shots from the most unusual positions to show the unique atmosphere. Today we’re going to talk about the city where everyone dreams of going because it’s the place that joins so many locations and promises a flight of creativity. Dubai is not just one of hundreds of similar cities on the globe. It is an extraordinary metropolis, created in the spirit of the future of the world, but with a foundation of Eastern culture and traditions. Exploring quarters or viewing the city from the bay on yacht rental Dubai every photographer can find locations, the shots of which impress any audience. And now you will find out which ones you should put on your “must-see” list.

Amazing Natural Locations for Unique Photography

Dubai Desert Reserve

The magnificence of endless dunes will not only function as a backdrop for any photo shoot but also symbolise the wonders of nature itself. If you decide to explore the desert reserve, we recommend you book a buggy tour dubai from the best rental company in the UAE. And go in quest of unique golden landscapes together with experienced instructors.

Palm Jumeirah Island

This is not just an important natural sightseeing attraction in the region. This man-made island is a true miracle of modern landscape engineering and construction. Visitors to Dubai who rent a premium car and look for the best locations for photography shoots are welcomed by wide roads, luxurious villas, and white-sand beaches.

A 21 Kilometre line of Dubai Beaches

Photo sessions on local beaches are not a common occurrence. Where else will you find such a large coastline of purest sand with an azure sea surface against the background of the lights of the metropolis? But if you want to get photos from new fronts, turn to the service of yacht charter in Dubai and without wasting time go on a marine trip. 

A Guide to Dubai's Best Photography Locations
A Guide to Dubai’s Best Photography Locations

Stunning Urban Landscapes of the Glittering Metropolis

The Iconic Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest building attracts photographers from all over the world. Both professional photography legends and beginners come here in search of their special pictures. But it’s not just the views from the skyscrapers that can inspire you. The building looks best from a distance. And it’s the perfect backdrop for any creative photography session. 

Meydan Bridge

The 300-meter-long infinity bridge, made in a bizarre shape and equipped with thousands of lights, is another one of the TOP locations for any photographer. To come here in one of the exclusive supercars for rent that are so popular in Dubai and take your best shots of a car-styled photo session, what could be more exciting? Night pictures on the bridge will look especially magical.

Museum of the Future

Locals call this place the world’s first symbol of innovation and the progression of humanity to new heights. The Museum Of The Future is listed among the most beautiful buildings of our time. The luxury of the building impresses anyone. Arabian ligature folded into fanciful patterns on steel walls, drop-shaped flowing forms, perfectly arranged lighting… all this together create an incredible harmony, which you want to capture in different ways in every picture. 

Dubai’s Old City – Bastakiya Historic District

Once you’ve explored all of Dubai’s ultra-modern locations, don’t lose the chance to explore the ancient traditions of the East. To discover the older parts of the city, it’s best to rent a SUV with a compact size. It is in the Al Fahidi area, away from the hustle and bustle of the progressive metropolis. Old streets that have been around for over 300 years keep the spirit of tradition and deep Arab culture. 

A Guide to Dubai's Best Photography Locations At Sunset
A Guide to Dubai’s Best Photography Locations At Sunset