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A must-do is ‘The Armidale Heritage Tour’ when you visit Armidale, it bundles all the places you need to see into one quick bus ride. The tour is hosted by people who have lived their entire lives in Armidale, and their best way to learn about the city’s history. This is a free bus tour that takes about two and a half hours to complete. When travelling, the journey is illustrated with stories that happened years before at the stops.

A vibrant and intimate insight from one of the guides will lead you on a fascinating ride through Armidale. Visit locations such as the Aboriginal Cultural Center and Keeping Place, the New England Regional Art Museum, the Armidale Railway Museum and the heritage-listed Booloominbah homestead located at New England University.

You’ll be given the stories and history of many of the old buildings that grace the City of Armidale in between these visits. Cathedrals and churches, private and public schools, old hotels and open houses, monuments and memorials are some of the structures that you’ll see. Many of these buildings are within viewing distance of the bus, and your guide will tell you their fascinating and entertaining tales.

The tour runs from Monday to Saturday and departs at 10.00 am from the Visitor Information Center and returns at about 12.30. This magnificent tour operates on donation generosity. Recommended reading. Not suitable for children younger than four.

The tour starts at the ‘Armidale Information Center’ located at Armidale 82 Marsh Road. The tour involves historical sites such as The Saumarez Homestead, The Armidale Railway Museum, The New England Regional Art Gallery, Booloominbah House and The Indigenous Cultural Centre. While heading to Armidale, the Saumarez Homestead is a must-see. In a nearly permanent home from the old days, visitors got to experience rural life in the 19th century.

The White family was close to The Booloominbah Building, now part of ‘The New England University.’ Designed by Horbury Hunt, who was known in Armidale for the design of many buildings and houses. In 1888, Frederick White moved to Booloominbah House, with his wife Sarah and their seven children. The house is now used for the administration of the Universities, but the tour welcomes visitors.

The National Art Museum of New England opened its doors in 1983. It houses works by numerous artists, and is home to ‘The Printing Museum.’ The gallery houses work by artists from Australia and abroad such as Streeton, Roberts, Gleeson, Christo and more. Another stop on the heritage tour is the Indigenous Cultural Center and Keeping Site, where visitors can encounter Armidale. It hosts aboriginal art and is a great place to go for a coffee while guests do some shopping for souvenirs. The ‘Museum of the Armidale Railway’ is a spot where you can see model trains and learn about the Armidale railway. It’s worth taking this tour two and a half hours off your day. It’s a tour where guests acquire gratis expertise. It’s a lovely day-out, where you can meet new people and discover all that Armidale has to offer.

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