Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day New South Wales

Clean Up Australia Day is the nation’s largest community-based environmental event held annually to protect our environment from litter and rubbish. Clean Up Australia Day in New South Wales is usually held in March. Volunteers from across the state will come together on this day to help clean up rubbish from parks, beaches, bushland, rivers, creeks, and roadsides.

New South Wales has some of the most spectacular natural environments in Australia, from the world-heritage-listed Blue Mountains to over 600 national parks and reserves. Keeping these environments clean is important not just for the plants and animals that call them home, but for the millions of locals and tourists who enjoy them each year. Clean Up Australia Day is a chance for us all to give back to our community and environment.

Clean Up Australia Day New South Wales
Clean Up Australia Day New South Wales

Snowy Valleys

One of the key locations participating in Clean Up Australia Day 2024 is the Snowy Valleys region in southern NSW. This area encompasses towns such as Tumut, Tumbarumba, Batlow and Adelong, and is home to a significant section of Kosciuszko National Park.

On Clean Up Day, volunteers will meet at the scenic Remembrance Drive in Griffith, next to the iconic water towers overlooking the city. This site was chosen by Griffith City Council as a roadside location that is frequently littered by passing motorists.

Volunteers will be supplied with gloves, rubbish bags and pick-up tools by the council, and will help remove rubbish from the footpaths, nature strips and adjoining bushland. Focus areas will include cigarette butts, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, paper and cardboard packaging. The rubbish collected will then be sorted for recycling or proper disposal.

Participating in the Snowy Valley Clean Up Day is a great way to show pride for the local community while protecting the natural beauty of this high country region. Having clean roadsides and public areas also promotes tourism for towns that rely on visitors exploring the nearby national parks and waterways.

Remembrance Drive, Narrandera

The Narrandera Shire on the Murrumbidgee River is another NSW community getting involved in Clean Up Australia Day 2024. Volunteers will meet at the Tiger Moth Memorial on Remembrance Drive, Narrandera.

This riverside location will have rubbish removed by hand from the parklands, footpaths and carpark areas surrounding the memorial. The work will help ensure this important war memorial continues to provide a clean, tranquil setting for visitors to pay their respects.

Narrandera Shire Council staff will provide equipment, and guidance and arrange disposal of all rubbish collected. Key items volunteers will aim to remove include small plastic pieces, bottle caps, aluminium cans, paper and cigarette butts.

Participating in the Narrandera Clean Up Day gives residents a chance to protect community assets like the Tiger Moth Memorial while preventing litter from washing into the Murrumbidgee River during rainfall. Keeping the river clean has positive flow-on effects for aquatic wildlife, vegetation, agriculture and other towns downstream.

Narrandera Landcare

Another Narrandera team will come together at the Tiger Moth Memorial for Clean Up Australia Day, coordinated through Narrandera Landcare. This community-based environmental care group organises various initiatives throughout the year, with Clean Up Day being a major event.

Volunteers from Landcare will venture down to the banks of the Murrumbidgee River directly below the memorial to collect rubbish. This will involve carefully combing through reed beds and riverside vegetation to retrieve litter. Focus will be placed on removing plastic items such as bottles, bags, fishing line and plastic wrap.

The Landcare volunteers have extensive experience doing this work regularly as part of their River Care project. But having the whole community come together on Clean Up Day magnifies the impact. Preventing plastics and debris from entering the river protects fish habitat and stops downstream pollution.

Participating in Clean Up activities organised by Narrandera Landcare is a great way to learn more about local environmental issues while contributing to real solutions. The community spirit on the day is also brilliant for bringing people together around a common cause.

MacLeans Beach, Deniliquin

Clean Up volunteers in Deniliquin will head to the MacLeans Beach and Waring Gardens area on the Edward River for Clean Up Australia Day 2024. Working with the Edward River Council, community members will help tidy up this popular summertime swimming and recreation reserve.

The rubbish that will be targeted includes plastic drink bottles, foil wrappers, fishing tackle packaging and cigarette butts. These commonly end up on the beach or in adjacent parkland areas used for barbecuing and picnics. With MacLeans Beach adjacent to the river, preventing litter will stop it from washing away and polluting the water.

This location will be a fantastic family-friendly Clean Up Day activity. Children are often enthusiastic participants, learning about environmental care while enjoying the outdoors. It also fosters community pride for a beloved local swimming spot.

The efforts here on Clean Up Day will complement the Edward River Council’s ongoing work to improve the amenities, water quality and aesthetic of MacLeans Beach. Ensuring the area stays clean and healthy allows the community to continue enjoying it for years to come.

Berrigan Government Tank Paddock

The final flagship Clean Up Day location in NSW is Berrigan Government Tank Paddock. Located on the edge of the Berrigan township, this area encompasses a heritage-listed water tank and stands of native trees.

On Clean Up Day, volunteers will meet in the paddock before dispersing along adjacent roadsides to collect rubbish. Equipment and guidance will be provided by the Berrigan Shire Council.

Key zones volunteers will target include frontages along Barrett Street, Corcoran Street and most importantly the Cobb Highway. This busy thoroughfare often accumulates wind-blown litter from passing motorists.

Rubbish to be collected includes fast food wrappers, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and aluminium cans. Removing this eyesore litter and reducing roadside waste build-up has great benefits for community pride and visual amenities.

The native vegetation areas within the site are also an important habitat for local wildlife including squirrel gliders and birdlife. Eliminating rubbish here helps protect these ecosystems and improves nature appreciation for locals who regularly walk through the area.

The rich history as an old tanking paddock also means this Clean Up Day is an opportunity to care for a Berrigan heritage site. Overall, the volunteer’s efforts symbolise civic pride and environmental guardianship, benefiting the Berrigan region long into the future.


Clean Up Australia Day 2024 in NSW brings together thousands of volunteers across hundreds of sites to remove and prevent litter from damaging our environment. Key locations participating include Snowy Valleys, Narrandera, Deniliquin and Berrigan.

This grassroots community event fosters civic pride, environmental awareness and protection of natural habitats. Children learn valuable lessons while having fun, and everyday citizens feel empowered to contribute. The efforts link together under the common goal of keeping Australia beautiful for generations to enjoy.

The simple act of donating a few hours on one day each year creates immense positive impacts, from preserving natural beauty to educating children. Our public spaces, waterways and bushland are left healthier thanks to the efforts of everyday people who choose to get involved. That is the real power of Clean Up Australia Day. Serve your environment and your country well.

Household Rubbish Dumped
Household Rubbish Dumped