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Whether you are looking for nightly entertainment, fun filled kids activities, family fun, adventures in the great outdoors or skiing down some of the country’s best ski slopes, Perisher Valley has so many activities that you can enjoy while you are holidaying here. You can base your holiday around one of the many events and festivals that come to Perisher each year such as music festivals, snowboarding and skiing competitions, cultural festivals and spring carnivals.

With perfect weather during summer that just beacons you to come out and play and excellent winter conditions that draw thousands of people to these skis slopes for endless hours of perfect snow skiing, snowboarding and more, Perisher Valley is ideal for all times of the year. Summer sees a whole different world to discover in and around Perisher Valley, with scenic tours, sunset chairlift rides with a bottle of bubbly at the top, bushwalking, hiking and overnight camping adventures. Go horse riding for a few hours through the Snowy Mountains, try your hand at some fly fishing to see what you can reel in or perhaps go swimming or enjoy one of the many village facilities like browse through the retail shops, catch up with friends in one of the many bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs and pubs for a meal and a drink or two, have a pamper session at the day spa or visit one of the other smaller village located within the main Perisher Blue village which are called Smiggins Hole, Blue Cow and Guthega.

Summer is a wonderful time to visit Perisher Valley to really soak up the breathtaking beauty and stunning surrounds of the Snowy Mountains that can be right at your fingertips, but come winter time something happens here that you simply cannot miss! Perisher Valley comes alive with flocks of people looking for the best downhill slopes, all terrain parks, the best half pipes for snowboarding and some awesome cross and back country skiing to enjoy. You can do night skiing, tobogganing, snow shoeing tours, chairlift rides, snow tubbing that the whole family can do together and with excellent trainers even beginners will be skiing the slopes in no time at all. There are green, blue and the best black runs to ski down, night fireworks to admire, kids zone where the little ones will have a ball and plenty of school holiday activities that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

Perisher Valley is classed as the best ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere so it is only fitting that you will have everything that you could possibly want for your summer vacation or winter escape right at your doorstep. Whether you wish to do some shopping, family dining, a romantic tour, abseiling or rock climbing in summer, fly fishing in the nearby streams and rivers or taking to the back country for some cross country skiing, ever season in Perisher Valley offers new and exciting activities for all ages to enjoy.

Find out more about the huge range of activities that you can look forward to when you come to Perisher Valley, and start planning your trip to the Snowy Mountains for a vacation that you will never forget.

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